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4 Steps To Cut Lace Off Your Wig

4 Steps To Cut Lace Off Your Wig

For beginners, cutting lace is very tricky. How to cut neither jagged nor very straight is a question. How you cut the lace determines how natural it will look. Let us check how to cut the lace off.

Step One: Decide where to place the wig

You can place it on your head or your wig head. We recommend cutting the lace on the mannequin's head for beginners - it's the safest and easiest way to do it.

Step Two: Put on the wig

On your head: The wig's hairline should be about a quarter-inch higher than your natural hairline. Secure the device with clips and adjustable straps. Make sure the lace sits flat on your head.

On the mannequin's head: Place the wig on the mannequin's head and secure it with an at-pin. This way, it won't slip all over the place.

Step Three: Mark the hairline

Use a white makeup pencil to trace your hairline from ear to ear. Just draw a hairline on your skin. Make sure to leave about a quarter of an inch of space between your hairline and the tracing line. If needed, brush your wig back and clip your hair with clips. If needed, use some styling mousse or water to keep your hair in place.

Using a measuring tape to draw a map is another option to consider. This is great for anyone who has a normal hairline and wants to cut the lace in the shape of the wig's hairline. First, place the tape measure in front, in the middle of the lace (on the wig's hairline). Make a point a quarter of an inch above this point, and then do the same near the ear. Then, draw lines to connect each end.

Step Four: Cut the lace

Use a tool that makes you feel comfortable. You can use scissors to cut hair, eyebrow trimmers, or even scissors to cut nails. Just make sure your tool is sharp. If not, it will not pass through the lace properly and can even cause damage to it.

Keep the lace pulled tight as you cut so you don't accidentally cut too much of it off.

Make some minor cuts in a subtle jagged motion. When lace edges are slightly jagged, the lace will melt more easily and look more naturalーーwithout straight lines.

Don't forget to cut off the ear tabs. To cut off the ear tabs, use your rat tail comb to part the hair about an inch above one of your ears. Let your separated hair hang down. Grab the lace ear tag and cut off the excess lace right at the hairline of the wig. Cut it to a c shape for the most natural effect. Repeat this on the other side.

Make sure you don't cut near the ear tag or build the wig's cap elastic. If you don't make a mapping line, cut the lace right at the baby hair.

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