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How To Tame Flyaways?

How To Tame Flyaways?

Use Anti-curl Shampoo and Conditioner.

Since flyaways and frizz are closely linked to dry hair, use a moisturizing hair care system such as L'Oréal Paris EverPure Sullate-Free Frizz Defy Shampoo and L'Oréal Paris EverPure Sullate-Free Frizz Defy Conditioner.

Do Not Wipe Your Hair with A Regular Towel.

Wet hair tends to be very fragile, and using a regular washcloth to dry your hair can cause damage. Bath towels are usually made of thicker fibers, and these fibers can become rough in wet areas, causing more splashing and frizzing. So switch out your regular towel and opt for microfiber with microfiber, which will help reduce damage to your hair when it dries. Or you can use a soft cotton t-shirt to dry your hair as its fibers won't be too rough.

Use Hair Serums.

Hair serums can treat many hair problems, including frizz, dryness, and static. You can also use it on damp hair to prevent frizz and static before you blow-dry it.

Use A Hot Comb.

A hot wig comb is a great way to help get the wig to lie flat. Be sure to use it carefully and make sure you don't burn it.

Use An Edge Brush with Hairspray.

Take a clean toothbrush or edge brush and use a hair lock bold to control the hairspray spray, then gently brush down your flyaways. An edge brush will allow you to apply the right amount of hairspray without overdoing it.

Take A Break From The Heat Of Styling.

Constantly blowing your hair with a hair dryer or blowing through it with heated styling tools can increase the number of flights you need to handle. So, give your hair a break by cutting back on hot tools. Wait patiently for a while and let your hair dry naturally.

Don't Brush Your Hair While It's Dry.

Combing dry, hairーーespecially curly hair, can lead to frizz and flyaways. Try using a comb, preferably when your hair is still wet. That will help get rid of knots and tangles without creating curls. Start untangling from the top, slowly and gently, section by section, to the roots.

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