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How To Wash And Care Human Hair Wigs?

How To Wash And Care Human Hair Wigs?

Should I wash my human hair wig before wearing it?

Let's start at the top. You just bought a ready-to-wear wig, now what? Deciding whether or not you want to wash it before you wear it is a personal choice. It's important to remember that washing the wig often would shorten its life. Anyway, some women feel more comfortable wearing a freshly washed wig. Another option is a quick rinse rather than washing your hair with shampoo.

How often should I wash my human hair wig?

It is another personal choice. However, many women choose to wash the lace wigs every one to two weeks. If the hair starts to feel sticky or dry, it may be time to rinse. Washing your wig will shorten its lifespan, so don't over-wash it. If you wear your wig cap before you go to bed, you can help reduce the shampooing and maintenance you have to do.

How do I wash my human hair wig?

Step 1: Pre-wash

Care Start by preparing your wig. You can use a wide-tooth comb, or your fingers gently comb through any tangles. It's best to start at the bottom and work your way up, one step at a time.

Step 2: Rinse

The next step is to get your lace wig wet. Put your wig under the tap and use cool lukewarm water to submerge it entirely. If you have a long hair wig, you can place it under the shower faucet to prevent the locks on the faucet from falling down the drain. After rinsing, use your hands to remove excess water and prepare your hair for shampooing gently. Use it carefully, don't wring it out.

Step 3: Shampoo

Place a small amount of shampoo and gently stroke your hair from root to tip, keeping the shampoo away from the wig's scalp. Don't be clumsy when washing your hair, and avoid scrubbing or rubbing your hair as this can damage the strands.

For best results, use clarifying shampoos made specifically for human hair wigs. These shampoos are made specifically for the needs of your wig so that they won't damage your hair.

To remove the shampoo, rinse it with cold water from the bottom to the bottom of your hair. Once the shampoo is out, gently blot the hair dry with a towel and apply conditioner. The wig can still be wet, but you don't want it to soak wet.

Step 4: Condition

Now you are ready to go. Like shampoo, you will need to use a wig-certified moisturizing conditioner. Gently pat it on the wig, starting at the ends. Comb through the hair gently with your fingers, keeping the conditioner away from the hair roots. You can leave most conditioners on for one to five minutes, but follow the instructions on the bottle. Once the time is up, run cold water from the top ends of the wig strands, ensuring you get rid of all the conditioner before it dries.

Step 5: Dry

You've already washed your lace wig, so now you'll have to wait for it to dry. Gently blot it dry with a towel, then place it on a wig stand to air dry. Avoid using a hairdryer and combing your hair until the lace wig is completely dry. Once it is no longer damp, you can style your wig as you usually would.

How to extend the life of your lace wig?

The hair will look as vibrant as ever now that you know how to wash your wig at home, but there are other ways to extend its lifespan.

Put it on a wig stand when you're not wearing it.

This will help maintain its structure and keep it from getting tangled.

Avoid hot water, saltwater, and chlorine to prevent any damage to the strands.

Pay attention to what tools you use to style your wig.

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