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How To Safely Remove The Glue From The Wig?

How To Safely Remove The Glue From The Wig?

A lace wig is easy to remove when it's on your head, but it takes some tender, careful care to bring it back to its new state.

Here are five simple steps for cleaning and replacing a lace wig. This will help you remove any glue, adhesives, or other binders from the base of the lace wig and the hair itself.


Required Items:

Adhesive remover (such as c22 citrus solvent)

Mild shampoo (such as any wig shampoo)

Hand wash dish-washing liquid

Plastic/metal containers


Toilet paper

Measuring spoons, teaspoons


Step 1: Remove the adhesive or tape.

Starting with the edge of your lace wig, using your fingernail, gently scrape off the edges of the tape to begin peeling.

Quick Tip

If you have trouble getting the lace off, try to put glue remover, like alcohol, coconut oil or hair conditioner.


Step 2: Soak the lace wig in a container.

Soaking time may vary from 15 minutes to 24 hours. It depends on the glue you used.


Step 3: Get your lace wig clean.

Place your lace wig in a sink face up (the hair will be at the bottom). Gently brush the glue or adhesive residue with a nail brush to loosen and break it free to clean the lace area.

Quick Tip

Use a teaspoon to clean the skin by gently scratching away excess residue vertically. After getting most of the extra residue, place your wig back into the container with total solvent for 2-3 minutes.


Step 4: Rinse your lace wig.

Put your wig back into the sink from the solvent. While the wig is still wet with solvent drips, spray a generous amount of dishwashing liquid onto the base of the wig. Any residual adhesive should lose its stickiness. Gently slide the nail brush over the edge of the base and out of the hair - all residual glue should slide off easily. After a few minutes, brush and rinse your wig with high-pressure warm water down through the base. (Repeat this step a second time)

Quick Tip

If you still have residual adhesive in your hair system, you may not have soaked it in the solvent long enough. Return and repeat step 2.


Step 5: Condition your lace wig with shampoo.

Finally, rinse thoroughly and rewash the unit.

This time use a mild shampoo. Your lace wig should now look clean. We recommend regular cleaning to keep your lace wig looking fresh and beautiful.

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