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Does Wearing Lace Front Wigs Damage My Hairline?

Does Wearing Lace Front Wigs Damage My Hairline?

I was watching Youtube videos as usual. A video appeared on my screen. A lady says she stopped wearing wigs since she found her hairline is thinning. She worried about some hair loss and balding problems.

I have heard about a similar thing before. I'm so sad.

So, will wearing lace front wigs damage our hairline?

The answer is NO. Quite the contrary, wearing a lace front wig is a protective style for our scalp and natural hair. To some extent, it saves our natural hair from damage, such as hot perms or chemical coloring.

Then, the stories about receding hairline or hair loss while wearing lace wigs, how do they come?

Incorrect installation and removal of wigs would bring damage.

We hope every woman can express her unique beauty in different ways. You can embrace natural hair or wear a lace front wig with your heart. Here are some tips on how to install a lace front wig.

How To Install Lace Front Wigs?

Select A Suitable Cap Size

Selecting a suitable cap size is the critical part. If your lace front wig is too small, it will tighten around your head, and you'll get a headache soon after you have it on. Also, the lace would rub against your scalp. Allergies, inflammation, and even infection occur.

Generally, you can choose the size according to the circumference. If it is the very first time you wear a lace front wig, put it on before cutting the lace. Walk around the room for a while to feel if it fits you.

Do A Glue Allergy Test

If you are installing the lace front wig for the first time or want to try a new glue, do an allergy test on your skin.

Secure Your Natural Hair

Braid your natural hair under the lace front wig. It is an easy way to secure your natural hair. Yet, it gives your scalp much pressure if too tight. Be careful when doing this, and make sure the braids are not too tight.

If your hair is not suitable for braiding, don't worry. You can put your hair into low pigtails and then clip them flat to your head under a wig cap.

Wear A Wig Cap

We recommend everyone wear a wig cap. The wig cap is a protective barrier between the wig and natural hair. It prevents friction and protects our hairline.

Put The Wig Glue A Little In Front Of Your Hairline

Putting the wig glue directly on your hairline is never a good idea. Our hairline is delicate. If you put the glue directly on, there is some potential damage when you take the wig off.

Here is a detailed installation video from Young Africana.

How To Remove A Lace Front Wig?

Removing a lace front wig requires patience and time. Remember to use professional products to emulsify the glue.

Wait patiently until the glue melts, and then remove the wig.

Another video from Young Africana to remove the lace front wig.

How To Protect Your Scalp And Hairline?

Massage Your Scalp

Comb gently from the front to the back hairline with the inner side of your fingertips. It will encourage blood to flow and hair to grow.

Shampoo And Moisturise Your Hair

Keep your natural hair clean and restore its moisture. It will build a healthy and comfortable environment for your scalp.

Take Off Your Wig Before Sleeping

Sleeping in a wig would bring tension. Let your scalp and natural hair take a breath at night.

If you don't want to use glue too often, you can try on glueless wigs. The glueless wigs come with an elastic band. You can wear it effortlessly with no glue.


Wearing a lace front wig won't damage your hairline. Nothing to worry about as long as you use the correct products and methods.

If you have any questions about wig installation, welcome to leave us a comment!

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