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How To Choose A Wig For First Time?

How To Choose A Wig For First Time?

Wigs allow you to choose how you want to express your personality. From style to size and texture, there are many factors to consider when choosing the right wig. If you're new to the wig life and don't know where to start, don't worry! Check out this guide to choosing the right wig for you for the first time.

Wig Size

The first step in choosing a wig is selecting the right wig cap size. You don't want a wig cap that is too tight or too big but fits your head comfortably. Here is a wig 101 sizing guide to help you measure your wig. Some wigs are adjustable, but it always helps to know the shape and size of your head.

Hair Textures

Regarding textures, there are so many options to choose from:


Body Wave

Loose Wave

Deep Wave

Deep Curly

Kinky Curly

Kinky Straight

Yaki Straight

Synthetic hair is an option when choosing the hairstyle you want - but if you want a long-lasting wig, it's best to go with 100% human hair. This type of hair may be more expensive, but it is unprocessed and can look like your natural hair, including styling and coloring.

Choose A Hairstyle

Now you need to choose which wig style you want to try. If you are a little timid about stepping out of your comfort zone, I suggest you choose a wig close to your natural hair color. This will give you some comfort and make keeping your wig in place easier. But if you're ready to jump into the wig life, go for any length and color you want! Choose a style that expresses your personality and style, or try something you've never done before.

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